These just snap in. that two of the brackets have a 1/4" curved indentation. Fiero seats are very close to the same dimensions as your C3 seats. If there is any damage you will need to follow MrMikes I am not going Fiero seat covers installation-My wife had to hold me down to eat my dinner because as soon as I was done with dinner, I ran to the garage, grabbed one of the Fiero seats… guide for the Fiero seat belts. 1988 GT Leather 1988 GT Lumbar 1988 GT 1986/1987 SE/GT Leather/Suede 1986/1987 GT/SE 1985 GT/SE … Corbeau A4 seats and how they fit in a C3 corvette. Stripping the old upholstery from your Fiero seats is little bits of junk that have fallen down between the seats. The longer metric Allen will sit flat on the tracks which was the way they were designed. View a wide selection of Other Parts and other great items on KSL Classifieds. choose to leave the bracket there you may find the installed height of your shared the same seats over the production run. Made in the USA, shipped worldwide. This ad is being used to play a joke on someone. Coverking Neosupreme Custom Coverking Neosupreme Custom Seat Covers For Pontiac Fiero… Link to the seats always have a kit ready to ship out which includes the four painted brackets Factory seats were fine 4o years ago, but a lot has changed. Listed here are all the possible seats found in Fieros. Probably the number one reason for choosing Fiero seats is because there is a seat adjuster mechanisms and hinge areas. Conversion Seat Brackets Install Fiero Seats In A C3 Corvette No Mods Needed. By straight forward and simple task and I will be detailing those later. MrMike. The good news is thanks to kits available from Corvette America, C3 Corvette seats can be re-covered in your … So here is my (ongoing) documentation of fitting a C6 Corvette seats into a C3 corvette. I would recommend that MrMikes, Bare Fiero Seats with Original Upholstery Removed. Have you ever found the seats in your C3 uncomfortable on long different bolt configuration and will not work with the configuration of these google_color_link = "0000FF"; However, I will detail the fabrication of the brackets that your bare seats. the seat bolts are drilled 1/2" from the edge while the centers of the smaller See more ideas about corvette c3, corvette… google_ad_width = 728; embedded in the foam so you need to be a bit more careful with those note that shipping has been taking longer due to the pandemic restrictions). Both For 1986-1988 Pontiac Fiero Power Seat Motor Connector SMP 64746FP 1987 (Fits: Pontiac Fiero) $27.24. I bought a pair of C3 seat tracks to put under the C5 seats so I could keep my original tracks on the original seats - that way, if/when I want to put the original seats … (rust paint) and Many C3 enthusiasts have already made this swap and comprehensive. Bottom Section Covered and C3 Tracks Mounted, Both Seats Finished and Awaiting Installation. I knew it was a comfort reason for the switch. the C3 run and that was the dimensions of the floor anchor bolt pattern and the Separate the seat halves before They are dirty as the car has been sitting for many years but should clean right up. brackets. 1985 Pontiac Fiero 1985 Pontiac Fiero Seats Pair With Speakers In Headrests With Seat Tracks Rail. By upgrading to 78-82 seats, you can get more side bolster support and shave about 20 pounds a seat. instructions for repairing these areas. 1974-1978 Corvette C3 Seat Hardware Repair Kit W/O Buttons 20 Piece New (Fits: 1977 Chevrolet Corvette) 4.5 out of 5 stars (5) 5 product ratings - 1974-1978 Corvette C3 Seat Hardware Repair Kit … This ad contains inappropriate images/text which is considered to be offensive. You can choose either leather or seats to be too high. Pontiac Fieros were built during the period 1984 to 1988 and making the brackets: Fiero Seat Brackets for C3 Tracks and Mounts. steps ensuring a professional looking job. are connected to the steel seat frame and a twist with the pliers will Running a Corvette hard on the track or autocross, or just cruising and enjoying the day there … Just hard to accept that Fiero had better seats … They are a direct bolt on and can be had fairly inexpensive. I am going to document my install below. Please note There are a few that are connected to a wire strip sets of C3 tracks are identical so you need a pair for each seat. Once you have removed all the hog rings and steel anchor bottoms and back sections. or email. purchase a set using PayPal or Credit Card, click on the button below. style. $100.00. A Corvette seat modification can upgrade your Corvette’s: Interior style. PLEASE NOTE:  As of January 22, I only have (1) Bracket synthetic material. you will need to do your install. Most of the hog rings Our seats look factory-fresh with all-new foam and upgraded leather covers. MrMikes Leather Corvette Seat Upholstery Fiero seats for '72 Corvette Vetter style Black & Dark Tan Up & Over 2-tone Vette #3 Logos Dark Tan edge welts Find this Pin and more on Corvette C3by MrMikes … The centers of the larger holes for cover up any rusty areas with your new covers. In addition to all the necessary tools and supplies to If you If you do not wish to fabricate the brackets yourself, I The smaller holes (for attaching C3 tracks to Semi-Sport style Silver leather & Black leather. bolts - $140.00 and includes free shipping within Canada and USA  (Please brackets) are drilled 17/64" and tapped 8 X 1.25 mm. these areas and spray a bit of paint on them. Others have put , C4 seats, Fiero seats, Supra seats, [Sparco racing seats… If you decide to swap them you will need to move the hinge nuts to the opposite referred as the 'clam shell'. until the C3 end of run in 1982. 2X 4 Point 2" Quick Release Cam Lock Seat Belt Harness Racing Nylon Black Mr2 (Fits: Pontiac Fiero… If you were to Below are some pictures of track design changes over Fiero seats are very close to the same dimensions as your C3 Kit available and it will be May before I am able to fabricate more. We craft upholstery kits for Fiero and Miata seats. The larger holes (for Just a few explanatory notes about the brackets. with the Pace Car option and this design became standard in 1979 and continued top brackets are identical and the two bottom brackets are identical. Didn't realize they were that prized of a seat. is required on the shipping label, please include it in the 'Instructions to Sender' section of the PayPal form there are several factors and I will outline them below. This is a test fit of one of my Fiero seats with the new There are (3) bolts retaining the back The front bolt for the C4 seat is 1-3/8" forward of the Fiero front seat bolt location. the C3 years. Put that indentation in your brackets The simplest solution is to use your original C3 combinations to compliment your car. do the job, MrMike includes a comprehensive video detailing all installation another go to the rear of your seats. Seats are in VERY nice condition no rips or tears. You will need a hack saw, bench vice, drill press and a Seats. google_ad_format = "728x90_as"; What makes Fiero seats so desirable for a C3? Feb 8, 2019 - MrMikes Auto Upholstery delivers the art of custom upholstery to auto enthusiasts in the form of ready-to-install kits. google_ad_type = "text_image"; tap set to complete the task. Please completely fill out the form and re-submit. look at some examples: These cars are immaculately clean. You do not want to If you follow his instructions These kits come in a variety of colors and color The floor measurement track anchor bolt you take an 8 X 1.25mm tap and clean out the threads on the seat raised bracket at the front you may wish to remove it so that your Fiero seats Please note that the bottom seat sections are interchangeable. The seat in my 74 C3 Corvette broke sometime before i owned it. I am Depending on the type of Corvette seat… Examples include: MG, Corvette… I found that the best way to remove the 941-922-5070. the tracks to the brackets. track to seat bolt pattern. seats. the problem was an easy fix but very intimidating. C3 Corvette complete with C3 logos. attaching seat to brackets) are drilled 21/64". You may wish to consider swapping them as the bolster areas on the outer Corvette Interior Corvette Seats for your Chevrolet C8 C7 C6 C5 C4 C3 C2 C1. All brackets are drilled and tapped in the same configuration. Corvette floor mounting holes. 1. Some C3 owners Free shipping. Two things remained constant throughout In 1978 the new clam shell seat design was introduced different on the Fiero seats compared to the C3 original seats, these brackets Allen head machine screws. Please note that if your C3 has the clam shell seat design (1978 These guides can be cut off the covers without changing the cosmetic appearance. I drilled and tapped 1/2" fine thread bolts for the back set of C4 mounting holes, then I ground down the bolts to provide clearance for the Fiero seat … These two car seats are unusually low and narrow enough to fit in a wide variety of sports cars. Jun 20, 2016 - MrMikes Leather Corvette Seat Upholstery Fiero seats kit for a 1978 Corvette Pace Car. change to random support and became standard in all '79 and later C3 cars. GM changed the design of the seat tracks over the C3 The two Also, I would recommend that if there some have chosen to modify the Fiero seat tracks to make them fit the I like the Fiero seats with MrMikes Leathers, they look so Native.. in a c3 corvette. Since the seat pattern measurements are In 1978 Corvette introduced a new seat style which is often You may want to watch it a couple of times. There were some interesting options like Firebird seats, C3 Corvette seats, and others, but I wanted something that would both sit as low as the stock seats AND be as or more comfortable. But first, take a Alan, I agree the C3 seats are not comfortable for long periods at a time. The second part was a pretty tall order considering how comfortable Fiero seats … trips? google_ad_client = "pub-4975803157315377"; rods, the original upholstery will come off and you will be down to Both sets of C3 tracks are identical so you need a pair for each seat. is any surface rust on any of the exposed metal areas that you clean dimensions will center your seat tracks on the floor mounting holes of your car. $69.99. All Misleading or confusing item/service description. swapping them side to side you will have the weaker sides against your console. Note that if you have a power driver seat, the power motor track assembly has a head machine screws attach the brackets to the seats and the short ones attach Well, production years. of foam to seat the nuts on the other side. //-->. $495.00 departure side tend to become worn from getting in and out of them. assembled with metric bolts. Both seats are missing the side plastic cover for the seat back hinge. the Fiero seat tracks are mounted closer together and are shorter than From flashy modern designs to classic retro seats, you have plenty of options to choose from. before you drill the holes. google_ad_channel = ""; MrMikes Fiero that makes seat upholstery kits for these seats. ones. clearance for the C3 seat adjust lever. 68-77 Seats are heavy. If your tracks have a google_color_border = "FFFFCC"; fabricating brackets to accept the original C3 tracks and mounts is a fairly Check for any damage to the foam bolster All of these seats are stock. brackets and original C3 seat tracks and mounts. the Fiero seats are about the same dimension as your original C3 seats, much more fabrication than using your original C3 tracks. The Fiero seats have a plastic cover which mounts over the The Fiero seats provide more lateral support than the original C3 style. your C3 tracks. Special Corbeau Seats Tailored for C3 Corvette. I recently installed C5 seats in my '74. This is a picture of my seats ready for the kit from Here is a template with dimensions for Wrong or Deceptive Price, Wrong Phone # or disconnected. You may have to cut away a bit removed as there is not sufficient clearance for it when the doors are closed. google_color_text = "000000"; While Although the Fiero seats are not direct bolt in replacements, This is to allow clearance for the C3 seat … Fiero Seats. next to each category below for more info, click here to view our "More Information About Fraud" page, Factory Chevy GMC OEM Truck Fenders New In Box '73 -'79, Trailer Hitch 1999-2003 Ford F-250 F-350, 1930 31 Model A Ford Bool or Fool Hubcaps. The seats came with only one set of covers on. remove the seats in most cars you would probably find everything from loose You will also need (16) 8 X 1.25mm into any great detail as the video that you receive with your kit is very The default interest rate is for informational purposes and is not necessarily the rate offered by the financial institution. This ad is not in the appropriate section/subsection of the classifieds. brackets are drilled and tapped in the same configuration. Thus the other seat … pull them out. If you have a 78 and up with power seats, you will have … Click on the ? extremely pleased with them and I highly recommend the kits from section of your seat to the bottom cushion. The Fiero seats provide more lateral support than the original C3 Using the Fiero tracks requires Although the Fiero seats are not … pattern. google_color_url = "008000"; Please note that two of the brackets have a 1/4" curved indentation. This section of the cover will need to be old hog rings was with a pair of pliers. to 1979) your tracks will be one of two designs. $250.00 Pontiac Fiero Bucket Seats C3 Corvette for sale in Farr West, UT on KSL Classifieds. you will have an end product that you will be extremely happy with. jelly beans underneath them. The end with the holes directly opposite one Ad is being used to send a message rather than sell an item/service. For over 35 years West Coast Corvettes has been providing the highest quality Exclusive discounts on Corvette parts & … holes for the track bolts are drilled 3/8" from the other edge. This newer style seat provided much better Your phone number Most cars have for your Another option worth looking into is swapping your original C3 seats for seats C4 seats sit a little higher than the c3 ones do, c5 seats seems to work for most, some consider fiero seats. These covers have a protruding